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The Weyergans High Care AG is a midsize company located in Western Rhineland in Germany. Core competencies lie in the fields of research, development and production of innovative cosmetics and medical applications. Reputable research partners such as the German Society of Aerospace Medicine, the institute of biomedical technique of the RWTH Aachen or the Max-Planck-Institute for experimental medicine in Goettingen as well as a large international network support us in our business. Our principle claim: Technical excellence, ergonomic quality, sustainability and evidence. The Weyergans High Care AG disposes lots of patents and is internationally represented in more than 40 countries. The company is manifoldly honored and certified to ISO / EN 9001:2010 und ISO / EN 13485. The company was founded in 1983 by sociologist Rudolf Weyergans.

Products and services

VACUMED LBNPD - Intermittent vacuum therapy (IVT) for the lower body

VACUMED® A.N.S.: Intermittent Vacuum Therapy (IVT) for pain and swelling syndromes in the arm, neck and shoulders.

Intermittent vacuum therapy -IVT- with the VACUMED® applies alternating negative pressure (vacuum) and positive pressure to the lower extremities up to the abdomen. Physiologically this creates a rhythmic vascular dilation and compression and stimulates the >>flow<< in a natural, purely physical way. The result is better circulation, more capillarisation and an increase in the venous and lymphatic return.The technological origin of IVT lies in the space medicine of the American NASA.

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