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The founding of TUR group is an important milestone in our quest toward the establishment of the complete customer support service stipulated in our corporate philosophy. TUR offers a broad product range in the fields of:

  • Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation
  • Inhalation therapy
  • Medical aesthetic
  • Isokinetic therapy
  • Soft- and hardware development
  • User interface technology

Trends, customer needs and markets are constantly changing. To be successful we should take active part in the changes reshaping this marketplace, coming up with a steady stream of new products, ideas and achievements. We are a part of these changes. We offer you a range of modern patient- and customer-oriented equipment. We use the highest standards of quality, reliability, and perfection in designing and manufacturing our products. TUR and its products are present also in your country.

Products and services

All our products feature the most up-to-date technology coupled with an ergonomic design that enhance the therapeutic experience and possibilities. Among our range of products many have gained particular popularity in the Russian market:

  • Curatur / Stimutur / Sonotur. The must-haves in a physiotherapy clinic come with a built-in therapy guide for filing, evaluating and optimizing your therapeutic results.
  • Kimatur series. High energy, high frequency, high performance. One of the most effective device in the market!
  • Isoforce. Test, train and cure. Our isokinetic technology is set in a modern design and an affordable price. It is the ultimate tool for every sport medicine or rehabilitation center.
  • Cryotur. Complete solutions with both air and contact technology.
  • Thermatur. Traditional short- or microwave diathermy therapy has been redesigned to keep up with the needs of modern physiotherapy and rehabilitation.
  • Dermatur. Multipolar radio frequency for skin regeneration.
  • Cellair One. Intermittent hypoxia-hyperoxia.

Thermatur. Traditional therapy modes, such as the microwave and shortwave, should not look old and outdated! TUR produces diathermy devices since the 1960s. Combining our experience and engineering expertise were leading to the redesign of the Thermatur series, with more easy applications and enhanced safety. Allowing our patients to take advantage to be treated in depth – right at the source of pain, as millions of patients have benefited from this technology before!

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kimatur DUO

kimatur DUO gives the possibility to work simultaneously with two handpieces. The operational parameters of each handpiece can be set individually, while both handpieces deliver full energy. The modulated pressure and frequency mode, typical for the TUR shockwave range,and proven to enhance cell regeneration in in-vitro studies,is available also in this model. The acoustic waves produced by the two handpieces interfere with each other amplifying the energy and creating a third virtual frequency.

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kimatur GO

The kimatur GO is smaller but not weaker. Utilizing the expertise in pneumatic systems, we have achieved to deliver the high-energy waves that our kimatur PRIME manages, with a smaller size compressor. The new device can be transferred to different places in its heavy duty, carrying bag that protects it and allows its use without removing the device. The trolley has space to put all the necessary accessories and materials needed for a successful therapy!

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News & Innovations

hippotur - the recently established cooperation ‘ProAnimal life’
TUR is founding member of the recently established cooperation ‘ProAnimal life’ that internationally networks rehabilitation innovation for veterinary medicine. Through the strength of experienced partners a series of devices, methods and standards for treatments of various pathologies in animals has been developed. TUR is about to launch shockwave for horses and small animals, as well as a special stimulation current for bone growth. The technologies are backed up by recognized scientific researchers and veterinarian universities worldwide.
isoforce – TUR’s comprehensive and successfully used isokinetic system
In 2018 TUR’s R&D focused on isoforce – TUR’s comprehensive and successfully used isokinetic system. A complete set of work adapter simulators has been developed, expanding functional possibilities. Furthermore, closed kinetic chain for upper and lower limbs, as well as an easy to set up flywheel with pulley function enhance isoforce’s exercise patterns and make the system one of the most powerful rehabilitation tools. The system itself received a new industrial design, requiring less space while the utilization of -state of the art- micro processing has further increased the precision of isoforce.

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