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Diagnostic instruments and devices of the highest standards Riester stands above all for the trust that our customers have in the high quality and safety, the wellknown precision and the pioneering innovation potential in almost every country of the world. With its headquarters in Jungingen/Germany and subsidiaries in USA, China and Brazil, Riester distributes its comprehensive range of products in more than 150 countries. The major product-lines are sphygmomanometers, E.N.T. and ophthalmic instruments, stethoscopes, laryngoscopes and medical lighting.

Products and services

Blood pressure devices Aneroid sphygmomanometers 24h-ABPM Blood pressure cuffs Handheld Instruments for ENT, Ophthalmology and Dermatology Otoscopes Ophthalmoscopes Retinoscopes Dermatoscopes Wall Diagnostic Stations Binocular Loupes Thermometry Stethoscopes Medical Lighting Head lamps Laryngoscopes
Cardiophon 2.0 Stethoscope

This cardiology stethoscope excels in the frequency range between 200-500 Hz, which is particularly important for the auscultation of heart sounds. The cardiophon 2.0 is suitable for auscultation of both adults and children.
• Innovative acoustic system
• High-precision double chest-piece with two membranes and novel
non-chill rims
• Anatomically shaped binaural with internal multiple spring
• Extra-soft, pivotable ear-tips
• Y-tube with separate sound-conducting pathways


Is a modular system offering up to 5 instrument-handles. The diagnostic station is available as wall-mount or mobile and is connected to the power circuit and therefore independent of batteries.
• High-performance ri-scope L instruments with renowned optics and advanced lighting
• Maintenance free LED technology
• ri-spec®, specula dispenser
• bigben®, aneroid BPM
• ri-medic®, automated BPM
• ri-thermo®, infra-red ear-thermometer
• Predictive-temp RPT-100, oral/axillary/rectal thermometry


Fibre Optic Macro Otoscope
It offers twice the field of view and 66 % greater magnification compared to
standard otoscopes (at a distance between landmark and distal tip of the specula).

Riester EliteVue offers a
• High performance LED illumination
• More than 5-fold magnification
• Complete view of the tympanic membrane
• Significantly improved view of the auditory
• Enabling more efficient diagnosis
• Enhanced patient outcome
• Suitable for throat illumination
• Adjustable focal depth

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