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About us

ESA Elektroschaltanlagen Grimma GmbH is an expanding
medium-sized company from the electrical industry in the heart
of Saxony. Our own research and development department is a
cornerstone for the manufacture of innovative products. Today,
Grimma has around 300 employees at its location. Our human
and technical base allows us to also process major projects in
the shortest possible time.

  • Own technical innovations,
  • Continuous product development,
  • Technical expertise and experience,
  • Quality, reliability and
  • Service

Form the basis for future-oriented technical solutions and shape
our corporate philosophy.

Products and services

Our Products:

  • Regulation and control system HospEC®
  • Change-over module UEGL
  • Display panel generator infeed system FolioTec
  • Operating and annunciator terminal from series BMTI 5
  • Residual- and operating current monitoring device from
    series RCM
  • Digital I/O-device from series MPM
  • Current and consumption monitoring device from series CPM
  • Data interface to the HospEC® regulation and control system
    via standard field bus (CAN)
Change-over module UEGL

The switching devices of the series UEGL ... / 4-V.4 are self-acting 4-pole. Switching devices according to DIN VDE 0100-710 para. 710.537.6.2 intended for Use in main distributors as well as distributors for medically used areas of the Groups 1 and 2. The switching devices detect the failure of the preferred feed (line 1) and switch automatically in case of failure of the line 1 to the second supply line (Line 2). Loads must be connected between the outer conductors and the neutral conductor.

Annunciator and control panels Touch Control

Annunciator and control panels serve for the display of operating and fault messages of IT systems, change-over controls, for the display of measured values and messages of all devices of the HospEC® system for messages of external devices, OR table control, integration of the verbal communication, light control, blend control, display and control of further procedures of the complete system. The panels are customized. Their dimensions can be varied widely.

BMTI 5 – the small panel

The functions of BMTI 5 already meet the requirements of big panels. 1000 different messages can be displayed. The non-volatile history saves a maximum of 500 messages. With an additional circuit board, the BMTI 5 can have up to 16 digital in- and outputs. Furthermore, there is the complete Modbus functioning (BMTI 5 as slave). Different message levels are signalled by the different display lights (green, yellow, red). The device has two CAN interfaces to enable CAN routing.

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