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Try our new model and discover the new era on shockwave therapy!

The kimatur series offers the most complete shockwave range in the market. Our most recent model, kimatur DUO, features a function that is unique and is introduced for the first time by TUR; it gives the possibility to work simultaneously with two handpieces. The operational settings of each handpiece can be set individually, while both handpieces deliver full energy. The modulated pressure and frequency mode, typical for the TUR shockwave range, and proven to enhance cell regeneration in in-vitro studies, is also available in this model.

Additionally, the unique interference mode can be applied. The acoustic waves produced by the two handpieces interfere with each other amplifying the energy and the frequency. An additional effect is the asynchronous wave transduction, which promotes blood and lymph circulation. Thus, deeper tissues can be reached, while the frequency interference creates a soothing, vibration effect.

Exhibitor: TUR plus GmbH

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