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About us

The founding of TUR group is an important milestone in our quest toward the establishment of the complete customer support service stipulated in our corporate philosophy. TUR offers a broad product range in the fields of:

  • Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation
  • Inhalation therapy
  • Medical aesthetic
  • Isokinetic therapy
  • Soft- and hardware development 
  • User interface technology 

Trends, customer needs and markets are constantly changing. To be successful we should take active part in the changes reshaping this marketplace, coming up with a steady stream of new products, ideas and achievements. We are a part of these changes. We offer you a range of modern patient- and customer-oriented equipment. We use the highest standards of quality, reliability, and perfection in designing and manufacturing our products. TUR and its products are present also in your country.

Products and services

Experience the ability to combine leading edge technology and ease of use!

All our products feature the most up-to-date technology coupled with an ergonomic design that enhance the therapeutic experience and possibilities. Supreme performance, long lifespan, upgradable solutions.

Among our range of products many have gained particular popularity in the Russian market:

Curatur / Stimutur / Sonotur - The must-haves in a physiotherapy clinic come with a built-in therapy guide for filing, evaluating and optimizing your therapeutic results.

Kimatur series - High energy, high frequency, high performance. One of the most effective device in the market!

Isoforce - Test, train and cure. Our isokinetic technology is set in a modern design and an affordable price. It is the ultimate tool for every sport medicine or rehabilitation center.

Cryotur - Complete solutions with both air and contact technology.

Thermatur - Short- or microwave diathermy brought to the future.

Dermatur - Multipolar radio frequency.

Cellair One - Intermittent hypoxia-hyperoxia.

Cellair One – Vitality for life!

Cellair One – Vitality for life!

The Cellair One application reprograms the cellular metabolism by means of Interval-Hypoxia-Hyperoxia-Therapy® (IHHT), which is the focus of mitochondrial cell training. IHHT methodically destroys ‘old’ mitochondria and accelerates the replication of healthy, physiologically speaking ‘younger’ mitochondria in the cells. IHHT applies controlled therapeutic hypoxia (15% to 9% O2) and hyperoxia (up to 36% O2) in intervals in a normobaric environment

thermatur series

thermatur series

Traditional therapy modes, such as the microwave and shortwave, should not look old and outdated! TUR produces diathermy devices since the 1960s. Combining our experience and engineering expertise were leading to the redesign of the Thermatur series, with more easy applications and enhanced safety. Allowing our patients to take advantage to be treated in depth – right at the source of pain, as millions of patients have benefited from this technology before!

kimatur series

kimatur series

Get the chance to work with one of the strongest radial shockwave device in the market at an extraordinary low operational cost!

TUR offers a wide range of applicators making kimatur shockwave appropriate for a diverse collection of applications, such as dermatology, medical aesthetics, orthopaedics and neurology, as well as veterinary medicine. Depending on your needs and objectives choose between the clinical station or the mobile version, without compromising performance.

News & Innovations

Try our new model and discover the new era on shockwave therapy! 

The kimatur series offers the most complete shockwave range in the market. Our most recent model, kimatur DUO, features a function that is unique and is introduced for the first time by TUR; it gives the possibility to work simultaneously with two handpieces. The operational settings of each han...| » Further reading 

The Body Health Clinic powered by TUR! 

In 2017 the concept of the TUR academy has been completed by founding an associated clinic together with the well-known entrepreneur in the application of shockwave Konstantinos Georgilakis. We offer high-end physiotherapy, rehabilitation and aesthetic services in the heart of Berlin, just oppos...| » Further reading 

Reshape yourself with the energy of the Phoenix! 

An alternative method to the invasive approaches for treating wrinkles, shaggy skin and cellulite is the application of the double energy of our new Phoenix system. Phoenix incorporates two technologies, a multipolar radiofrequency module together with a high energy shockwave module. The sugge...| » Further reading 


TUR plus GmbH
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16540 Hohen Neuendorf

Phone: +49 330 3508816

Kim Rudolph
Marketing Manager
Phone: +49 330 3508816

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